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More on the Kansas City Stadium Shooting

Posted on the 19 September 2012 by Mikeb302000
The Kansas City Star has a follow up in the story we posted last week in which I rightly guessed that it was domestic violence.
Kansas City police identified a 40-year-old man who shot a former girlfriend at Kauffman Stadium on Friday before killing himself as Marcus L. Collins of Raytown. 
Collins drove into the stadium’s Parking Lot A about 3:20 p.m. Friday and apparently summoned the woman, who was riding a golf cart, to his car. When she approached on foot, he shot at her several times and she tried to run, police said. She was struck at least once in the abdomen.
Collins, who never got out of his car, then shot himself.
Police said Collins had known the woman about 20 years and they recently had begun dating. 
Police said the two apparently had a falling-out and had not been speaking lately. They did not have any history of domestic violence, and Friday’s shootings shocked relatives on both sides.
You don't suppose anyone would say that domestic violence must take place in the home, do you? We have some pretty argumentative commenters around here, but I think even they can admit this was a case of domestic violence.
Will they also agree that guns are bad news for women?  That's the real question.
You see, where there are more guns, more women are killed in domestic violence incidents, and not by a little.  The numbers are shocking when we compare high-gun states with low-gun states. 
It's just like the difference between intentional homicide in the UK compared to the US.  Fewer guns, the murders are 4 times less.
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