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More on the Craig-List Killer

Posted on the 06 April 2011 by Mikeb302000
The other day we looked at this story, today has more.
Showing up at the State Line Gun Shop in Mason, N.H., Markoff presented an ID that wouldn’t pass muster at a campus dive bar. The blond Markoff showed an old New York driver’s license belonging to Andrew H. Miller, who is dark-haired and heavier. Markoff explained the out-of-state license by claiming he had just enrolled at Daniel Webster College, in Nashua. The clerk responded by asking him to obtain a residency affadavit notarized by the city.
Markoff went to the city clerk’s office, wrote out a form in which he misspelled his own alias, and obtained the notarized record. No rent check, tuition payment, or utility bill was required; the city clerk later explained to investigators that no documentation is necessary for a notarized residency affidavit.
This is not the kind of due diligence one should expect from a gun shop. In fact, when there are such obvious indicators that everything is not on the up-and-up, the gun shop that agrees to sell is guilty of breaking federal law and should be shut down immediately.
Now, Brisman’s mother says she wants those responsible for Markoff’s obtaining the gun to be held accountable. The US attorney sees no grounds for a criminal case, because there was no intentional conduct. But the family could yet sue. New Hampshire jurors would then have to decide whether the state’s libertarian streak excuses a gun merchant’s decision to sell to a man with a patently fake ID.
What's your opinion? Is it too much to ask FFL gun dealers to maintain a strict standard of conduct? I don't think so, what do you think?
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