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More on Identifying Yin and Yang in Clothing Design

By Imogenl @ImogenLamport
Yin and Yang of Geometric patterns


Yin and Yang of Geometric patterns by imogenl featuring black topsFollowing on from Ways to Balance Your Yin and Yang, here you can see how the lower the contrast and smaller the print, the less advancing, or softer it looks, so thus is more yin in appearance.  The higher the contrast, the bolder or larger the pattern, the more advancing it appears, thus is more yang. Yin and yang of jackets Yin and yang of jackets by imogenl featuring a leather jacket

Here you can see with these navy jackets, how the change of fabric from stiff (more yang) to fluid (more yin) gives each a different feel. The far right navy jacket is much more powerful and strong, whilst the far left navy jacket is soft and approachable.

Again with the gray and black jackets, the softer the fabric the more yin the appearance (much more approachable and friendly) whilst the harder the fabric, the darker the fabric the more yang and less friendly the appearance.

So when you choosing what to wear, consider your personality – are you more naturally yin or yang.  Then, how do you want to be perceived?  Do you want to appear more approachable?  Then wear clothing that has more yin elements (particularly if you are more naturally yang, you will need to soften down your appearance).  If you want to be seen as more authoritative, then go for clothing fabrics, patterns, colours and elements that are more yang, particularly if you’re more naturally yin and find it hard to convey authority.

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