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More on Gillian Ayres

By Ianbertram @IanBertram

In my review of the Gillian Ayres show at the Alan Cristea Gallery, I referred to the quality of the paint in the paintings in that show. I indicated that although this was not to my taste, I did not believe it was anything but deliberate. Since then I have acquired a catalogue for an earlier show at the same gallery back in 2001. In the introductory essay, Mel Gooding writes:

" seems always marvellous that the final image coheres when so much that has happened in the furore before that moment of poise is till visible: in mark an gesture, colour and form, in the trace of the twist, sweep and drag of hand and brush, in the quick certainty of each shape and motif."

In the introductory essay for another show, Paintings and works on paper 2005-2007, Andrew Marr says "...her work is all thick. earthy goo, flick and squidge of oil paint or acrylic, the uprubbing bumps of carborundum print licked by watercolour brush... "

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