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More on Defeating HR 822

Posted on the 19 October 2011 by Mikeb302000
Karen Wagner, Rolling Meadows, had this to say:
We don't allow visitors who may come from a state with a higher speed limit to ignore Illinois' speed limit. Imagine if we extended "home state" rules concerning divorce and medical marijuana to visitors to our state?
This bill should not become law. Proponents of relaxed gun laws are usually staunch supporters of states' rights. They should be consistent. Each state should have the right to demand that all visitors obey its particular laws, unless they are superseded by federal laws.
How many times have we heard those bogus, biased gun-rights boys compare Concealed Carry reciprocity to driving licenses being honored in other states than your own?
Well, Karen Wagner shut that one right down. As usual the pro gun crowd try to slip nonsensical arguments into the mix.  The proper comparison is what she pointed out that your home speed limits are not honored when you visit another state with your driver's license.
And better yet is what she pointed out about the hypocritical flip-flopping they do with regards to states' rights. 
What's your opinion?  Are we going to have any trouble defeating HR 822?
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