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More Government Chaos Over Corona

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
This is such a weird government. The left hand ignores what the right hand says and the right hand ignores what the left hand says.
Just last week the Corona Cabinet decided on new regulations, including that swimming pools and gyms must shut down. The head of the Coronavirus Knesset Committee, Mk Yofat Shasha Biton, along with some others, wants to overturn the decision and allow pools and gyms to remain open. They say the Health Ministry never proved or showed any numbers that consider the gyms and pools to be a place of common transmission of the virus. This is now a fight within the Likud and they are trying to pressure her to not overturn and reverse the decision.
Another decision by the Corona Cabinet was that buses will stop operating at 10pm every night. Miri Regev, Minister of Transportation, has now announced that she is instructing the bus systems to continue operating as normal, past 10pm, until the regular closing times, starting tonight.
And these are all Likudniks ignoring each others decisions. Yuli Edelstein, Minister of Health, is responsible for the decisions on the new regulations, and is a senior Likudnik. Miri Regev, ignoring Edelstein, is a senior Likudnik. Shasha Biton, ignoring Edelstein, is a Likudnik.
This government is chaos.
And if the government and its representatives refuse to follow the guidelines and regulations that they themselves set, they expect citizens to be more faithful to the rules they don't even like and only begrudgingly accept in the first place?
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