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More Gloriously Vacuous pro-EU Waffle.

Posted on the 05 November 2015 by Markwadsworth @Mark_Wadsworth

From this morning's City AM readers' letters:
RE: Don't be stupid: The US won't cut off Britain post-Brexit, Monday
I get the impression that Eurosceptics live in an Alice in Wonderland world of wishful thinking.
As soon as Britain breaks free of the EU, they seem to assume that China, India and the US will be beating a path to our door, begging for the world to be run by Britain once again, unshackled by the realities of economic and military decline.
If the UK wants to lead the world, the government should first try working with our neighbours and British businesses should try exporting good products and stop selling off our companies at every opportunity.
The rest is just fantasy.
Joseph Paul.

I am baffled. Not only is none of that true, the article to which he refers was written by a gloriously cynical American who says that US politicians aren't really bothered either way.
And as per usual for a pro-EU person, he doesn't bother advancing a single argument for staying in. C'mon guys, there must be a few things you can mention. Surely?

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