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More Glorious Home-Owner-Ist DoubleThink.

Posted on the 23 April 2015 by Markwadsworth @Mark_Wadsworth

I do not know who decided to call the proposed annual tax on high value dwellings a 'Mansion Tax' but it was a bad idea (singling out one particular cut-off price level was also a terrible idea, but we all know why that happened so that is not at issue here).
It is possible that the Home-Owner-Ists themselves coined the phrase 'mansion tax' in which case it was tactically a brilliant idea - if my wife buys a tin opener and I decide to call it 'a pair of scissors' then I can moan at her every time I try to cut cloth or paper with it, telling her that the 'scissors' she bought just don't do the job properly. See also Labour/Bedroom Tax.
So the Homeys do the same thing and bombard us with articles like this:
Agents condemned the tax as “completely unfair” claiming that it will catch thousands of modest family homes in central London while the owners of large country houses in cheaper areas of the country will pay nothing.
In other words, 'Mansion Tax' is badly named tax; the Homeys then say 'Therefore it must be a bad tax'.
Anyway, Ed Miliband must be tired of hearing this crap by now and agreed that his own high value dwelling was not, in the traditional meaning of the word, 'a mansion'. It clearly isn't, it's a fairly big London townhouse. Ed also cheerfully said that he didn't know who had invented the phrase 'mansion tax'.
The Homeys, having spent the past year or two repeatedly making the same point, then go completely mental:
Nigel Adams, Conservative candidate for Selby and Ainsty, said:
“Ed Miliband’s desperate to come across like the man of the people – but these comments are yet more proof he’s completely out of touch with ordinary people. Is it any wonder Ed’s happy to slap a homes’ tax on hardworking families while at the same time hiding his nanny in the downstairs kitchen?"

Look, you Homey fuckers, is Ed's house a 'mansion' or isn't it? It's a simple question. He was agreeing with what you have been saying all along, is all. Do you mean that you are actually out of touch as well?
Good to see 'hardworking families' getting a mention, makes a change from Poor Widows In Mansions.

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