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More EU Musings

Posted on the 21 June 2016 by Markwadsworth @Mark_Wadsworth

Quote from an email from an old mate of mine that emigrated to Oz years ago.
""I guess for Australia the big positive for out is that we would be able to have free trade agreements with the UK & that the rite of passage couple of years in the UK would come back for young people. (Apparently due to the number of other foreigners the UK takes people allowed in from Aus. & NZ has dropped dramatically)."
Discussions with Austrian waiters in Salzburg:
Really could not see the point of the EU.  Were furious about EU debts and house prices in Salzburg. Were much happier with Schillings than Euros and think Euro has led to high prices, i.e. 'inflation'. Think UK should go to set the ball rolling.
Discussion with Scots holiday-maker in Vienna.
Out.  Now.
German Waiter in Vienna hotel.
Couldn't really see the point of the EU.
And to cap it all Her Maj:
Please could someone give me three reasons for staying in the EU?

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