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More Cars and Guns

Posted on the 27 September 2011 by Mikeb302000
Firearms were used in 12,632 homicides while cars were used in 30 homicides during 2007. Firearms were used in 17,352 suicides and cars were used in 131 suicides during 2007. according to WISQARS.
Rather than address the issue that firearms are weapons, and as such are intended to cause injury or death if used properly. The gun-car (or other similar argument) would rather deflect the issue onto other objects which have utility for purposes other than to injure or kill.
  • Cars are designed to be used as transportation
  • Firearms are weapons with the purpose to injure or kill.
  • When cars are used properly, as pretty much are, they provide transportation.
  • When used properly, guns injure or kill.

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