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Moooo! We're Joined at the Hip

By Janeslondon
If you are planning to come to the Caledonian Park opening ceremony of the clocktower* tomorrow, do take a short detour out of the park back towards Cally Rd to look into Market Road Garden. You'll find it next to the adventure playground I wrote about a few weeks ago. Moooo!  We're joined at the hipMarket Road Garden is a delightful little gated park – one of the first public spaces made available for Islington residents. It packs quite a lot into a tiny space – landscaped gardens, flower beds, a pergola and, on top of a small stone obelisk/plinthy thing in the back corner, there are four little metalwork cows all joined at the hip. There are other cattle references too in the gate design.
* Tours to the top of the tower from 22nd June available here  (see my last post for more info) 

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