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Moodle CMS – Create Your Ideal E-Learning Environment For Teaching Online

Posted on the 19 January 2012 by Combi31 @combi31

Moodle CMS – Create Your Ideal E-Learning Environment For Teaching Online

Moodle has become one of the most popular online learning content management system.

It is free and open-source, with active support still going on.

Will you want to take your online teaching to next level?

Here’re some ways you will find Moodle a great tool to assist your schooling.

Online assessment

Moodle makes it easy and convenient to provide online assessment schemes.

You can readily find tracking tools and devices to effectively monitor students’ performance on real-time and individual basis.

Comparison among students can be done pretty thoroughly.

Communication platform

Moodle lets you create an online community where students can share their experience and questions online. There’re numerous modules such as wikis, forums and databases that integrate smoothly with Moodle. All these can enrich the online learning experience.

Multi-channel teaching medium

With Moodle, learning does not confine strictly to textbooks. You can employ other rich media such as audio lessons or video teaching kits, making the learning experience more fun and interactive. In fact, Moodle has become a tool in educational institutions for remote learning, or combined with traditional face-to-face teaching.

Extensive additional plugins

You can readily find plugins contributed by users to further extend Moodle functionality. There are add-ons to enhance course enrollment and also provide syndication function to distribute course content on other media platforms etc. With these plugins, you can create word or math games as assessment method. Definitely, you can create your own plugins yourself, because Moodle is open-source with no encryption.Moodle has become a leading platform for online course management. WIth ever growing user base and continuous updates, it can only get better. However, setting up Moodle and using the built-in functions may be difficult for less tech-savvy people. And this can indeed turn some people down. If you wish to explore the powers of Moodle, you may wish to invest in a Moodle tutorial training that delivers.Follow this to discover how you can take advantage of Moodle with the video training: Moodle Tutorial

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