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Month 3 of Parenthood: Smiles and Screams, Reflux and Gas

By Eemusings @eemusings

Now that we're out of the fourth trimester, here's how that third month went!

We definitely had the 12-week growth spurt. He was incredibly sleepy! And I swear I could hear differences in how his insides work - gas moving through him and whatnot.

He's much more awake and alert ... I'm starting to understand the whole eat-play-sleep idea and how that might actually work now.

Most importantly, SMILES! Sounds! Real ones! Oh, my heart.

He's outgrown his newborn cloth nappies, and discovered his lungs. Oh, he's a real screamer now when he wants. Still won't take a pacifier but sometimes will comfort suck on my finger.

Sleep is still a battle and his daytime cat naps are awful, while at night he farts up a storm. Towards the end of the month he started waking screaming at night, I'm pretty sure due to gas. His reflux is still pretty bad, but since he falls in the 'happy chucker' camp, nobody will do anything about it...

Also terrible: cradle cap. Just can't shake it, even with what the doctor prescribed (non-steroid stuff, at this stage still).

Our osteo suggested he might have issues with dairy and I'm starting to cut out milk, ice cream, cheese 🙁

Honestly, it's getting harder. Luckily it's also getting more rewarding, but hot damn.

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