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By Curdsnwhey
Monsters!I was needing something cute to make for my boys. There are so many cute things to make for little girls but I have all boys and I was starting to feel like they were being left out. My boys LOVE monsters. They have an usborne book that is called "Thats not my monster" and that thing has been read to pieces. I have seen lots of crocheted monsters out there but since I don't crochet I thought I would sew a few.
Here is what you will need:
Some cute fabric
Felt to match
Thread to match
Monsters!Next, cut out your monster and felt pieces for the face and ears. My monsters were wide up top and narrow at the bottom. You can use any shape you want your monsters to be.
Monsters!Take your bottom piece and lay it so the right side is facing up. Next pin your ears pointing down to that bottom piece.
Monsters!Place your top piece with ride side facing down on top of your bottom piece. Pin in place.
Monsters!Sew all the way around with a 1/2 seam allowance, leaving a space open at the bottom for stuffing. Turn right side out.
Monsters!Stuff your monster as full as you would like it. Stitch your opening closed. I don't have a picture for this next part but its easy so no biggie. Next hot glue your face pieces to your monsters and you are done. You could sew your face pieces on to your fabric before sewing it all together and it would be much sturdier that way but I wanted something super easy. Aren't they cute? My boys LOVE them. They have to sleep with them every night!
Have fun making those monsters!

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