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Monochrome Prominent in New Abstract Painting

By Abstractartbylt @artbylt

Maybe I overdosed on bright, saturated color, but in this new abstract painting I'm enjoying a monochrome color scheme.  I had done a series of black and white paintings a few years ago, so I had plenty of acrylic paint tubes in gradations of gray on my shelf.  I dug these out, as well as an iridescent pewter, which seemed to fit the scheme nicely. 

Beginning with black along the edges and working my way through the darker grays to light gray in the top center, I drew loose circles across the canvas, filling them in as I went.  I also drew cross-hatched lines over each section.  The final touch was a series of white lines radiating out from the top center.


  Canvas #126, 44" x 44" acrylic on canvas.

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