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Monitoring Apps and Issues of Trust

Posted on the 26 February 2017 by Jyoti Arora @Jy0tiAr0ra

The modern technology and their use in the form of social media websites and social messaging apps are very trendy and popular among the users. Now technology has developed further and programmers are developing Spy applications in the name of helping humanity. The applications which provide surveillance on tech based devices are actually making money by secretly spying on people's devices. These malicious spy apps are the biggest threat to the privacy of general public, by exploring the private lives of people. Your ex-girlfriend can see every single activity what you are performing on your device secretly, your husband is viewing your messages and listening all of your calls while you are talking to your new boyfriend and your spying on your Facebook, snap chat and twitter texts along with the keystrokes. That's the main reason which is exploiting the image of other legal monitoring applications which are actually doing legal monitoring and helping out parents, employers.Monitoring Apps Issues Trust

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Issues of trust on Monitoring apps and why is it so?

The main reason of lacking trust of the people on the monitoring applications is only because of the plenty of spy apps which are doing malicious activities and operating illegally on the people's devices without their permission. Following are some points which may lead people to lose their trust on monitoring applications.

Malicious spy apps:

There are a number of spy apps which are functioning in order to make money and are falling into the wrong hands without making the registration process and don't demand the complete information of the buyer and the purpose of usage. These malicious products considerably go into the hands of those people who actually use these apps for their wrong motives like spying ex-boyfriend, ex-husband, to defame someone and possibly may utilize for blackmailing someone.

Privacy threats:

The actual reason which makes monitoring apps un-trustable is the threat to the privacy of the general public. People can use these particular spy apps for getting revenge from someone by getting the private information from their device. So according to the law, no one can get access to the privacy of the person without addressing him or her.

Demanding other trustable apps:

Instead of the malicious spy apps, there are many monitoring applications which are very helpful for humanity. These are helpful for parenting concerns and helpful in business enterprises. But the malicious spy apps damage the image of real monitoring apps which are actually providing the solution of issues what general public have due to modern technology.

How did people get to know real monitoring Apps?

People should know the following attributes while getting a monitoring application then they will be able to gain trust on monitoring applications.

Follow the rules and regulations:

The actual or real monitoring applications are those, which signed an agreement between the user and vender, an oath and licensing of the monitoring app software. These tracking always look after by putting at the first priority to sell their app for positive motives like parenting purpose and to help employers to protect company owned devices.

No threat to privacy and provide positive solutions:

There is no threat to the privacy of the people, because these monitoring applications are for protection, parenting point view. Parents can use these applications in order to protect their young kids and teens from the negativities of social media apps and websites where their kids and teens may cyber bulled, view carnal content, become the victim of stalkers and get health issues due to the addiction of digital media. TheOneSpy monitoring app is one of those apps which are playing a positive role and provide solutions for the problems the parents and employers have.

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