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Money Robot – Powerful Link Building Software

Posted on the 18 September 2013 by Zafar @seompdotcom
Money Robot Submitter – The World’s Most Powerful Link Building Software


The Single SEO Software Designed to Build High Quality Backlinks

About Money Robot Submitter I can tell you only good things, The SEO without a backlink SEO Software is like driving without a car

Money Robot – Powerful Link Building Software

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♦ The Most powerful SEO software designed to build high quality backlinks from high quality blogs.

♦ The software is able to create blogs to over 100 web 2.0 blog platforms, We all know that blogs are the most powerful backlinks for SEO.

♦ You can now build your own private blog networks completely automated, Our software is the first and  single software designed to build your own private networks of blogs Completely Automated.

♦ Yes, You can now have your own private networks of Blogs!

♦ Money Robot will create unlimited blog networks and will allow you to manage them, this mean that you can control your own blog networks by adding new articles constantly to each blog , all this completely automated.!

♦ Most of The BLOG PLATFORMS Have  PAGE RANK of 5 6 7+

♦ DAILY UPDATES of Software / Website Lists

♦ The Software Submission success rate is very HIGH !  90%+

Get your website ranked on first page fast by creating high quality backlinks

Get your website ranked on first page fast by creating high quality backlinks

Money Robot Software is also called SEO Automatization Machine, It’s the Single Software that simulate 100% the human submission means It has a button called “Process Window“, I also like a lot this smart feature “Process Window” that it give the ability to user to see all the work done in the background by the software which is in my opinion a very useful feature. The users can see what software is doing in the background. In the background, the system spawns IE sessions, So It’s a web browser based submission which give the software huge human simulation to submissions/registrations. This is good because it allows for a more human like submission.

With Money Robot you can get your website listed on the First Page on Google very fast, It is the single software that creates blogs, web 2.0 blogs properties are the most powerful backlinks that you can get.


As for a Demo, on their website “here” there is a 7 day free trial. Can’t go wrong with that. Don’t take my word for it, Try it yourself than Buy it for Lifetime.

 Money Robot Submitter is the best SEO software you will ever own for it’s Powerful Features in it:-

♦High Speed Submission  ♦Smart Submission Process  ♦Artificial Intelligence  ♦No more search and scrape needed for website lists  ♦Article Spinning & Rewriting  ♦Backlink monitor feature – your Live link Checker  ♦FREE Customer Support  ♦Auto sites list updates  ♦Automatic Captcha Solving  ♦30-day money back guarantee


The software includes over 7300 websites, I think no other software has more than 2000-2500 websites already included in the database. The Best Part I Love it that The Software Never Crashes, I can say that I run it day and night for over one month and it never crashed, As I Run My Money Robot Software on VPS and It is The Best Way to run the software on VPS Hosting.

Here is the link to Buy VPS Hosting to Run the Money Robot Software – SEO VPS

Software always has one update to every 1-2 days to the application, This is also something unique, no other SEO software have this.

The Latest Version of Money Robot is Now 4.58 with New Updates.

After Reading all above You have Wonder Does My Earnings from my websites Increased After using Money Robot Software ?
YES, My Earnings are now 5 times bigger than it was and I’m sure they will continue to rise
Money Robot – Powerful Link Building Software

 , I’m using Google Adsense for all my websites and my earnings have increased like never before.

Don’t waste your Time Now,  Just Get on and Buy Now

Money Robot

5 / 5 stars

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