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Money Always Needs a Purpose. What’s Yours?

By Eemusings @eemusings
Money always needs a purpose. What’s yours?Money always needs a purpose. What’s yours?

Every dollar has a job. That's the principle behind a budget. If you don't have a purpose in mind for your money, you're not going to have it for long.

Likewise, without a concrete goal, it's hard to bring in more money.

For me, at least, I can't seem to just make more for the sake of it. I need a reason. Whether it's clearing a debt, saving for a SPECIFIC thing, taking a trip ... there needs to be an end goal that I can visualise and focus on.

I've had a lot of big goals that I had no idea how I was going to accomplish. But I did - every single time. Whether it was a round-the-world trip or buying a house, I had to take a leap of faith and trust that my strategy would see me through.

I've been amazed, over and over, by what I can accomplish by simply DECIDING to achieve it. Once I put aside the doubts and what-ifs and just mentally commit to making it happen. Trusting that it's possible. It's often about letting go of attachment to a specific outcome, roadmap, or timeline. The pieces usually start to fall into place after that.

It's not magical thinking; it's about locking in an intention, knowing that I'm capable of getting there, even I didn't have every detail ironed out, and letting things flow from there. And when they do? I'm 100% positioned to capitalise on them and run with it.

What about you? Does having a specific money goal to reach help accelerate your financial momentum?

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