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MomWriters - Outstanding Support & Encouragement

Posted on the 25 September 2011 by Brigittethompson
MomWriters is an online group of mothers who band together to support and encourage each other. Their web site provides an overview of the organization. However, the heart and soul of these women writers shines through the Yahoo online group.
Here daily conversations include requests for sources for articles, promotional & marketing suggestions, discussion regarding experiences with various publications and questions about what to charge for a writing project. In addition, since members are moms, parenting questions, goals and ideas are shared. There is no cost to join the group or dues to pay for continuing membership. MomWriters - Outstanding Support & Encouragement
Carma Haley Shoemaker is a moderator at MomWriters. Carma, please tell us more about
There are writers out there who don't have support in any aspect in their life when it comes to their writing. They want to write -- it pains them they want it so badly. They do it in secret if they have to. They have tried to share it with their family and friends but have received feedback such as, "Why would you want to do something stupid like that?" or "You can't write -- you're not a real writer!" or maybe even, "Who do you think you are? J.K. Rowling?" Their efforts may be met with laughter, or anger, and it makes them feel that writing is not worth all of "this," so they quit, they don't write anymore.
MomWriters - Outstanding Support & Encouragement
Momwriters gives these writers a place to turn for support when no one else will support them. We offer them a place to say, "I want to write but my family says ..." and we listen, we hear them, and we know how they feel because more than one of the 1700+ of us have been there. We let them know that it is okay to write and that they CAN do it. We help them see that if they want to write -- if writing is what they really want to do -- then a non-supportive family of friends who don't understand should not stop them.
We have all been "beginners" at one time in our lives and we all know how scary it is. By offering each other support, Momwriters helps to make the whole process a little less scary.
Thank you Carma. If you are a mom who writes and is looking for support, visit and sign up for the MomWriters Yahoo online group.

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