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Moms, Have Some Fun with #DunkyDoIt!

By Hemapriya Natesan @MyLittleMoppet

Moms are perpetually busy creatures. Our daily to-do lists can rival any organization's monthly accomplishments! There's school stuff, maid stuff, work stuff, money stuff and lots more. In the middle of everything, we sometimes forget to have fun. And when our little one comes running to have some playtime with Mommy, we say we're busy and chase them away!

As expected, this can lead to either a tantrum or a sulk, depending upon how old our kids are. But of course, no Mom can bear to see her child's smile turned upside down and we want to turn it right side up again! There are many ways to accomplish this, like offering to play a new game, promising a visit to the park or a new story. But as ancient wisdom goes, you need something sweet to bring that sweet smile back - something as sweet as Dunkin Donuts!

Moms, have some Fun with #DunkyDoIt!

Imagine a day when it's bright and sunny. A little boy wants to play outside but his Mom wants to sleep in. Sounds familiar? Check out this video to see how Dunkin Donuts help the boy and his Mom solve their problem and get their mojo back.

The sleeping Mom in the video looks a lot like you and me on a weekend morning, right? So the next time you've had a little tiff with your munchkin, you know how you can cheer him up - with a big box of Dunkin Donuts! Try out their newest launch - DunkyDoos - a box of six soft, light and yummy doughnuts; at just Rs. 199.00! Get your kid a DunkyDoos box and get ready to #DunkyDoit!

Moms, have some Fun with #DunkyDoIt!

So c'mon Moms, let go of being busy all the time and learn to have a little fun! Throw out those to-do lists and #DunkyDoit with your kiddo! We promise - you won't regret it!

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