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Mommy Confessional: White Roses & Preterm Concerns

By Fashionnerd @fashion_nerd13
mommy confessional: white roses & preterm concerns
mommy confessional: white roses & preterm concerns
mommy confessional: white roses & preterm concerns
I'm not sure if I've mentioned this before, but I have absolutely the best boyfriend ever.
I realize that most view flowers on Valentine's Day as obligatory, but I've never really viewed V-Day as a day of any significance - let alone an actual holiday. Although some might view a floral delivery on Valentine's Day as cliche, I'm happy (and lucky) to be with a man who thinks I'm worth the effort of the occasional 'corny' gesture.
I'm also lucky have a guy who understands and reciprocates my distaste for going out, particularly when it's crowded. Friday night, we grilled some freaking amazing steaks, eaten by the glow of House of Cards on our big screen with the kids snuggled in our laps. We managed to watch all but three or four episodes of the second season before finally giving in to sleep, but we quickly finished those off Saturday morning. If you have Netflix, you definitely need to watch that show. Not only is it mind-blowing, but Claire Underwood, fictional character she may be, is hands down one of the most stylish women haunting the Netflix halls. What did you do for Valentine's Day/Single's Awareness Day?
Despite Brent's attempts to bend time forward, yesterday put Kumquat at 26 weeks - almost to the third trimester. I started having some odd symptoms a few weeks ago, prompting a call to the OB's office. After visiting with Dr. Singer three times in a week, it turns out I'm showing some signs of preterm labor. Fortunately, the fibronectin (the protein that shows up when baby wants to come out) test was negative, but Dr. Singer has decided to keep a closer eye on the pregnancy, so we'll be visiting her more frequently moving forward.
Since Kumquat is also measuring a bit small, I'm wondering if both might have something to do with my nutrition (or lack thereof). After our last appointment, I did some research on dietary requirements during pregnancy - and I'm still trying to wrap my head around it. I just don't understand how anyone can possibly eat that well and that much, and it's actually causing me more than a small amount of anxiety - this is something that's entirely my responsibility, and it's crucial for baby girl's health.
Any advice from current or expectant moms on eating right and eating enough during pregnancy? 

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