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Mom’s Book Club – Skipping Christmas

By Wendythomas @wendyenthomas

Skipping Christmas 

Mom’s Book Club – Skipping Christmas

This book was not on my mom’s Book Club list but I have given it an honorable mention and am including it here with her other books.

I usually don’t like action thrillers (which John Grisham is very good at), but I am a SUCKER for Christmas stories (Hallmark movies on paper). In fact, it’s a yearly tradition for me to ship the Christmas books I’ve read to one of my sisters in Texas who then shares them with her friends. 

In 2001 I couldn’t resist picking up a short book called Skipping Christmas. I sat down to read it and I honestly did not stop laughing until the last page (when I wiped a tear or two.) 

You’ve probably seen the movie “Christmas with the Kranks” (and whoever came up with that title should have been fired) which is good – excellent casting, but it’s nothing like reading the book. 

I enjoyed this book so much, that knowing my mom liked books, I sent her a copy. After reading the first chapter, she realized what a gem it was – parents trying to get free from their kids, parents trying to make their kids happy by having the perfect holiday, parents who know the importance of memories, that she and my dad decided to read alternating chapters to each other in bed. 

I recently reread this book (thanks mom) and while still funny, it hits a little different now that we are (almost) empty nesters, definitely bittersweet. But the humor and love (I will move mountains and earth for my kid) still shines through. 

So while this one wasn’t on my mom’s official list, while reading it, I kept thinking of my mom and dad giggling together in bed while enjoying this story. 

And every time I think of that – I smile. 

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