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Modernise Your Style in May

By Imogenl @ImogenLamport

Dont Avoid Fashion Do you want to be perceived as forward thinking and able to keep up with the times and technology? One of the issues some of my older clients will mention when they’ve hit that certain age, that if their workplace is downsizing their workforce, that because they are a bit older they don’t want to be put out onto the scrap heap and seen as a dinosaur. To ensure that this doesn’t happen to you, it’s important to keep your appearance modern and youthful (but not young).  There is a big difference between being “mutton dressed as lamb” and youthful and modern.

What is modern? Well it’s not about following every fashion trend slavishly, that’s for sure. But fashion does come into the equation.  Avoiding fashion altogether will generally have you looking older and out of touch.

Modern related to the current silhouette. You need to be aware of what is happening in fashion and relate your current style to it. Relate is the word. It doesn’t need to be the most extreme example, for instance, when very low rise trousers were in fashion, wearing a high rise pant would make you look dated and out of touch, but a mid rise would have you looking more modern.

Modern relates to fabrics. Particularly man made fabrics. The technology of fabric has changed markedly over the years and fabric technology has really improved. A garment in an old unnatural fiber will appear dated and the opposite of modern. Don’t hang onto these old pieces.

Modern relates to hem lengths. From tops to jackets, to skirts and pants. Garments that are either too long or short (depending on the current fashion) will have you looking out of touch.  But, you need to be wary.  Sometimes the current trend, which may look great on a teenager, harks back to something that is considered dowdy on a woman over a certain age.   The current midi trend is one such fashion trend that I would tell women who don’t have super long legs, and who are over 50 to be very wary of wearing, if you’re not going to put it with a high heel (which is how the current trend is being worn!).

Modern relates to grooming. As we age we can get into a comfort rut which has us doing less and less in the grooming stakes. It’s good to reassess your hairstyle every 5 years. Ask your hairdresser what the latest styles are and what would suit you.  Consider when you updated your makeup colours or technique.  Sometimes it’s good to reassess what you’re doing (particularly if you’ve been putting on your makeup the same way since you were a teenager!).  Think about your oral health.  Teeth yellow with caffeine, red wine, smoking and age.  If your teeth are looking decidedly yellow, or the edges are darker than the middles, it’s time to go to the dentist and have them professionally cleaned.  This may be enough, but for some, a professional teeth whitening may be necessary to remove years of built up discolouration.

Modernise your wardrobe, go through it for everything you’ve not been wearing in years.  Ask yourself why you’re keeping each garment.  Is is still in great condition?  Is it a modern fabric and style?  If it’s dated, it will make you look out of touch and older (and most likely frumpy too!).  If you don’t love it, if it’s no longer serving your current needs and style, let it go!  Clear out the clutter so you can really see what you have so you can figure out what you need.  There is an easy process to work through in my free ebook 5 Step Formula for a Fabulous Wardrobe on a Budget which you can get access to by subscribing to my newsletter (see box top right on this page).

We all need to reassess our style, and ensure we’ve not slipped too far into our comfort zones every few years.  The style that was once your go-to favourite, may not be representing who you are today.  There is nothing wrong with letting go of past favourites and moving onto the new, more modern you, ready to step into your future.

Tell me, what in your wardrobe needs to go so that you look modern and youthful?

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