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Modern Day Rafting on the River Mur

By Linda
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photo : John Fischer

With the demise of rafting as a means of transporting goods (and particularly wood) during the 18th century, new uses for this ancient activity developed –  not immediately, of course, but with the passage of time.

Modern day rafting on the river Mur is much more a leisure thing, not just to be enjoyed in middle age!

Rafting on the Mur

As the second longest river in Austria, it is perhaps not surprising that the Mur has developed into a tourist attraction in it’s own right. At various points along its 438 kilometres, the Mur has become a pulling point for high adrenalin, low octane thrill junkies.

White-water rafting has taken off, big style!

Clad in neoprene suits and clutching plastic paddles, sensation seekers of all ages ride the waves, course the curves and avoid the obstacles that appear without warning along their way. They wave to walkers and get cheers from cyclists. Dogs dither and fish flee as they bounce along in their buoyant ‘boats’.

And as they glance agog at the passing flora and fauna, they frequently revert to the actions of their ancient ancestors – they sink or fall in!

Rafting season

June to September is the rafting season on the river Mur. Until well into April the Mur remains frozen and as temperatures drop in October, the river returns once more to an ice rink with raging waters below.

But don’t take my word for it – go see for yourself any time of year!

You’re always assured a welcome at Chalet Lowonahill, on the doorstep of one of the Mur’s main white water rafting centres.

Genießen Sie Österreich!

(Enjoy Austria!)

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