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Modern Day Greaser Girl

By Trendytechie @theTrendyTechie

Ever since I was little, I’ve been inspired by the Greaser Girl look. There’s a delicate balance to be found between the strong contrasts of red and black and the striking femininity of curly hair and winged eyeliner, and though I wouldn’t go quite to the extent of the Pink Ladies with the sateen jackets, that balance is one I often consider when choosing an outfit. Those rough and tough ladies who hung out in a man’s world and brought their pretty flair to it are kind of like us girls in tech – both trendy techies and greaser girls bring their femininity to the guys’ shops and hold their own. Okay, so it’s not that dramatic. But sometimes a pop of drama makes an outfit, like the red accents on the shoes and lips in this one!


These photos were shot by the talented David Pilat, a Halifax photographer who also hails from Toronto like me. Check out David’s other work on Flickr and follow his latest shoots on his Instagram and Facebook page!


I love the way these shoes add a flirty touch to the outfit with these adorable bows. Handmade from Italian leather, these shoes were an absolute lucky find at 75% off, just by chance! So, I *ahem*…own them in black, too.


signature 1


top: Cosabella

necklace: Le Chateau

brass stud rings: some jewelry vendor on a street in Manhattan :P

leather jacket: Michael Kors

capris: Tristan

shoes: Ron White Signature

Modern Day Greaser Girl
Modern Day Greaser Girl
Modern Day Greaser Girl
Modern Day Greaser Girl
Modern Day Greaser Girl

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