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Modern Bohemian Interiors

By Decorology @decorology_blog

Bohemian home inspiration

I hope everyone had a wonderful Labor Day weekend.  Here in Maryland we were blessed with beautiful weather!
The appeal of Bohemian interiors for me is that they look lived in, and don't rely on being perfect and expensive to look good.  I also love mixing textures and infusing elements inspired by nature into my space.
Modern bohemian interiors via Disc Journal
Bohemian style also doesn't have to be cluttered or busy.  When I think "bohemian" I also think "ease,"and this humble but beautiful room says that to me.
Modern bohemian interiors Bohemian baby!  That wallpaper is so cute, but will also grow with baby.
New Arrivals, Inc.
Modern bohemian interiors I love how cozy this home library/dining room is.  Looks like a place where I could sit for a few hours and read or draw.
via House and Garden
Modern bohemian interiors  If you love bohemian interiors it also doesn't mean you have to surround yourself in colors, one of my favorite looks is actually monochrome or white with layers of different textures and patterns piled on!
Modern bohemian interiors I'm always impressed by those who can really mix and match pattern!
via Disc Journal
Modern bohemian interiors A delicious outdoor lounge to spend lazy afternoons.
via Disc Journal

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