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Mobile Life – iPhone Users Are Image Conscious, Blackberry Users Earn the Most

Posted on the 31 July 2013 by 72point @72hub

iPhone owners are more vain and spend more on clothes and grooming than those who have BlackBerrys, it has been revealed. A lifestyle study of 2,000 smartphone users found people with an iPhone are more image conscious and generally rate themselves more attractive than those with other handsets.

But BlackBerry owners, however, are busier, send more messages and emails and make more calls than their Apple opposites.

This is perhaps why those with a BlackBerry earn the most – the average owner earns nearly two and half thousand pounds a year more than those carrying other devices.

The research, commissioned by TalkTalk Mobile, pitted the mobile giants against one another and found those with a BlackBerry are more likely to have long-term relationships, be more social and have more friends overall.

The study, which rated users in various walks of life using a point scoring system, found those choosing Android had the best manners, are handiest in the kitchen and watch more TV than other users.

Dan Meader, Director of Mobile at TalkTalk, said:

”Many of us have our mobile phones on us almost constantly so they do become an extension of us in many ways. It’s interesting to see then how the choice in handset may reflect different aspects of personality and the results do reveal some quirky differences.

”Once you see yourself as a certain type of phone user, it can become a huge part of the way you live your life and people tend to subscribe to the one they feel suits them best.

”The mobile phone is no longer just about calls – it contains our pictures, our music, our videos and our diary. It’s an incredibly personal item, so it’s no surprise to see we become quite proud of our choice and even define ourselves by it.”

Those walking around with a BlackBerry tend to be the least punctual, but despite putting in the least hours at work they are the most active phone users, sending more texts and making more calls in the average day than any other phone user.

No surprises then that when asked to describe themselves, the BlackBerry’s were most likely to see themselves as loud and bubbly – and their chattiness may be due in part to the fact that they also guzzle more tea and coffee each day than any other phone user.

Those who subscribe to the i-life tend to have done more traveling and are the most active on social media sites.

Proving the most creative users, those with an Android can be relied on to whip up a storm in the kitchen as they ranked the best cooks. They also love to wash their food down with an alcoholic tipple – consuming more in an average week than iPhone and BlackBerry drinkers.

People who brandish an iPhone are most likely to describe themselves as daring, flirty or bright and are most likely to work in media, publishing, retail and education and are valued most by their bosses.

Whilst BlackBerry users were most likely to work in hospitality, transport and distribution, property and the health sector.

Interestingly, those on Android had the most jobs in engineering, the Government and public services and environmental services.

Dan Meader added:

”Of course, simply buying a certain type of phone doesn’t mean your personality or way of living immediately changes, but the results could suggest that certain types of personality are drawn to different features and functions of certain handsets.”


Rate themselves most attractive
Most ambitious
Most successful
Hardest worker
Thinks their boss rates them highly
Industry: Media darlings
Work late the most- five times a month
Most active on social media
Most well-travelled
Spend the most on clothes and grooming each year

Characteristics: Confident, ambitious, daring, bright, flirty

Earn the most – £27, 406.69 average wage
Industries: Finance, property and health
Put in the least hours at work
Make the most calls and send the most texts
Have the most long term relationships
Drink the most tea and coffee
Are the most social
Are the least punctual
Eat out the most
Have the most friends

Characteristics: Loud, bubbly


Most creative
Best cooks
Most polite
Industries: culture and sport
Put in the longest hours at work
Watch the most TV
Drink the most

Characteristics: Shy, quiet, relaxed, introvert, calm

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