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MK Porush's Anti-school-violence Bill Rejected

By Gldmeier @gldmeier

This post will be brief and is really only being posted as a follow-up to a post from 2 months ago. MK Meir Porush (UTJ) announced that he would be proposing a law to allocate funds from the Ministry of Education to schools based on the level of violence within the schools. As violence goes down, the school would be allocated more money. This would encourage school administrators to actually work and find solutions to the problem of violence in the school system.
Yesterday Porush's law was proposed in the Knesset, and was brought to its first vote. MK Porush's law was roundly rejected by the Knesset, with 56 MKs voting against, and only 17 MKs voting in favor. I don't have a list of who voted for and who voted against, but the two haredi parties together have 18 Knesset votes, and Porush did not even get that number in support of his bill.
And in the closing words of Ladaat, Porush's bill was rejected, and the violence will continue..

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