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Mixed Use

Posted on the 31 October 2013 by Jezebel282
Use With Mixed Caution

Use With Mixed Caution

“The mayor said the site will eventually see a “mixed-use” development…the property will gradually become transformed into an attractive and “vibrant” part of town with a greenway, hotel, apartments, retail outlets and other amenities.”


Whoa! Hold on there, Buckaroo!
Hotel? Apartments? If you read any one of a number of EPA or consultants’ studies you already know that no one recommends spending more than a few hours on this property. As far as “residential” the only word used in that regard was “never”. There is a reason the U.S. Government has restricted access to this property.

So let’s take a breath here. Yes, it is a good thing that this liability is off the Federal Government’s books. But “vibrant” will probably not happen for many, many years. In fact, by the time “greenway, hotel, apartments, retail outlets and other amenities” happen, no one will remember who was mayor when the GSA sold the property.

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