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Mitt's Full o' Cash

Posted on the 25 January 2012 by Mikeb302000
Real freedom is not being poor and carrying a gun everywhere.
Real freedom is opportunity in a safer society that does not embrace the violence which characterizes our gun culture.
We have lost our position, our success at upward mobility, we are at record breaking levels in our history of economic disparity, compared to other countries, notably Europe.
The economic policies put in place by the Republican governor of Indiana while working in the Bush White House were disastrous, they are in large part why we are in the current economic crisis.  Those are the exact same disastrous policies advocated by the current crop of Republicans, doubling down on bad ideas that create that economic disparity.
And nobody points that out better than the Daily Show, which is factually consistently more accurate than the right wing media like Fox News, Rush Ludicrous, and the rest.

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