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#Mistakesgirlsmake- Average 25-year-old Isn’t *quite* Living the Dream…

Posted on the 19 October 2012 by 72point @72hub

The average 25-year-old woman lives at home, is unhappy in her job and has more bad sex than good, a study has revealed. Researchers found many women aged between 20 and 25 are struggling to tick the boxes of financial independence, career fulfilment and sexual satisfaction.

The report also found the typical female 20-something earns just £13,186.23 a year.

A third still live with their parents and nearly six out of ten regularly borrow money from mom and dad to get by.

The statistics emerged in a study of nearly 1,000 women by Sky Atlantic HD to mark the UK premiere of Lena Dunham’s ‘Girls‘ on Monday (22nd October).

‘Girls‘ explores the assorted humiliations and rare triumphs of a group of girls in their early 20s in New York.

Elaine Pyke, Director of Sky Atlantic, said:

”It’s no surprise to those of us who have been through – and survived – our twenties that it’s not the easiest of decades.

”The genius of ‘Girls‘ lies in its authenticity – painting a hilariously honest picture of how complicated, embarrassing but brilliant life as a twenty-something year old trying to make her way in the world today can be.”

The report also found the typical 20-something female pockets £103.26 from her parents every month to cover basic living costs such as food, rent or mortgage, toiletries and  phone bills.

Additionally, more than four out of ten admitted their career, financial situation and living arrangements are ‘unsettled’.

Around half who work said they ‘settled for any old job’ with no relevance to their studies or interests, while a similar number admitted to worrying that they will never be able to support themselves.

The study also revealed by her 20s the average woman will have had either one or two  relationships which lasted a year or more.

But the average twenty-something female admits less than half of her sexual experiences to date have been great, with 43% admitting they feel they have made a number of ‘relationship mistakes’.

Indeed 54% of those polled confess they feel they have already made “many” mistakes in their lives – with past relationships top of the pile (43%) ahead of overspending (40%), trusting someone they shouldn’t have (38%) and their choice of education (26%).

But in spite of financial and professional worries and past mistakes, British twenty-something women feel secure in their friendships with less than one sixth (14%) of those polled describing their friendships as being “unsettled”.


Is educated to A-Level or Degree standard (74%)
Earns £13,186.23 a year
Lives at home with parents (35%)
Has just £137.12 disposable income each month
Relies on parents for financial support (57%)
Has mom and dad supply £103.26 per month
Has settled for any old job (47%)
Sometimes worries that she will never be able to support herself (52%)
Drives (62%) and owns (78%) a car
Is in a relationship (57%)
Has had one long term relationship (43%)
Has had her heart broken at least once (62%)
Has received on average three sex texts

The girls of ‘Girls‘ are living the dream, one mistake at a time – share your embarrassing mistakes on Twitter using the hashtag #mistakesGIRLSmake


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