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Missouri Man Shoots Wife and Himself - Both Critical

Posted on the 19 April 2012 by Mikeb302000 reports
Police said Harry James Young, 39, drove past his estranged wife, Kellie Young, 24, who was sitting in her car on South Carr with a man and two small children.
That's when Young turned around and drove back to where she was, got out of his car and shot Kellie in her arm and torso.
Witnesses told police Young also tried shooting the man in the passenger seat but he was able to run away, neither child was injured.
After Young left the scene he was stopped by a Sedalia police officer. As the officer was giving him commands, Young shot himself in the head.
I wonder if he was a lawful gun owner or if he held a concealed carry permit. Oftentimes in these dramatic scenes no one checks on that. But, the pro-gun crowd is quick to claim the percentage of lawful gun owners and especially concealed carry guys who do stuff like this is extremely low. I don't buy it. And besides, whatever the actual percentage is, in my opinion it's too high.
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