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MISSONI for Target: My Mini Collection!

By Kena @campchic


Target & MISSONI completely out did themselves! This has to be the most brilliant Target collaboration to date! I found myself repeatedly saying "oh that's cute" or "aw I like this one too". I woke up at 4:30am in the morning to discover that was not working properly. Oh sure you could order everything your little MISSONI heart desired but forget about being able to pay. Once you clicked checkout, the site would crash. It was so frustrating especially when all I wanted was the MISSONI throw! I didn't care about anything else other than getting my hands on that zig-zag printed blanket. Boy was that a challenge! I arrived at the Target store 8am sharp (thanks to Lesley for driving)! As soon as I stepped foot into the store, I turned to a Sales Associate, and said "which way to the MISSONI blankets"? I saw the direction he was pointing in and made a mad dash to the shelf loaded with blankets. Another woman was trailing me so I did what any normal fashion crazed person would do. I swiped the shelf clean. I panicked and brought all 3! After grabbing all the blankets, it was game on! I went crazy! I began grabbing sweaters, shoes, dishes, cosmetic cases, and hair pins. Anything with a zig-zag print was chucked into my shopping cart. In the end I limited myself to - oh just a few things. I'm so thankful and excited about my purchase!!! Big shout out to my lovely friends on Facebook (Laura, Sonja, & Nicole)! I think Mark Zuckerberg would be very pleased to learn that his billion dollar social networking site played a huge role in us scoring our MISSONI gems!

Thanks to my buddy Van for helping me out in a major way! I sure am thanking a lot of people. This was definitely a team effort! 








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