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Mississippi Bones – Radio Free Conspiracy Theory

Posted on the 18 June 2018 by Ripplemusic
Mississippi Bones – Radio Free Conspiracy Theory
Mississippi Bones – Radio Free Conspiracy Theory Every once in a great while all those hours spent wasting time on social media pays off.As I was swiping my way around the Faceyspace one day recently I happened to be skimming through posts on a Clutch fan page and happened across a post from another member who had posted about his musical endeavors and I happened to stop and read what he had to say.As a musician, far less accomplished though I may be, I am always interested in the experiences of fellow musicians, and any musician who is a fan of Clutch definitely has good taste.He wasn’t shilling his band but was simply sharing the excitement at the accomplishment of the release of his band’s latest recording and hopes that music fans would find it interesting.He explained that the new record was the culmination of a collaboration with fiction author Jonathan Raab and that the album would serve as a prelude to the next installment in his series of novels, a concept album.My interest piqued, I replied to his post, inquiring as to the name of his band and relayed my interest in checking the album out.“Mississippi Bones” he replied, thanking me for my interest.Off to the Bandcamp I went and looked them up.What I found was something totally unexpected.
Radio Free Conspiracy Theory touches the fringes of the ongoing saga of one Cecil Kotto, a small town sheriff and host of a public access radio show focused on exposing various conspiracies dealing with monsters, genetic experimentation, government black ops schemes, alien mastery cults and all manner of X-Files worthy fodder, told in the form of Sheriff Kotto’s public access radio talk show with songs interspersed between segments of the radio show.The dialog sections are entertaining and well done and the character of Sheriff Kotto is often hilarious in a whiskey swilling boisterous cop crazy uncle rambling about conspiracies kind of way, but the key is the music.Full of Southern stoner rock swagger with a large dash of Clutch influenced vocals in front of heavy Mississippi Bones – Radio Free Conspiracy Theory grooving bluesy riffs, Ohio’s Mississippi Bones bring toe-tapping head-bobbing goodness together with creative songwriting and well-crafted vocal harmonies to create a fantastically fun album to listen to that plays like a pulp novel.The result is an album that actually makes this listener want to delve deeper into the band’s catalog while also seeking out Mr. Raab’s novels to get caught up on Sheriff Kotto’s story so far, I have to admit I’m a sucker for a good sci-fi/fantasy/horror novel series… Mississippi Bones – Radio Free Conspiracy Theory For fans of: Clutch, Corrosion of Conformity, Monster Truck, The X-Files.
Tracklist: 1.Open Air 2.A Paranoiac's Farewell 3.Occult Deprogrammers 4.Blue Beam Dreams 5.Preacher Jim 6.Devilry & the Blues in Little Dixie 7.Cattle and Chattle 8.Genetic Flashback 9.Pirated Signal 10.WXXT 11.Corporate Wendingos 12.101 Ways To Cook a Human 13.Believe It or Not 14.The Order of the Night Moose 15.Geoff Joins a Cult 16.Ancient Astronauts and Alien Allegories 17.How Would You Even Know? 18.The Reptiles Are Among Us 19.Space Vampire Bastards Must Die 20.Radio Free Conspiracy Theory
Mississippi Bones is: Jared Collins - Vocals, Organ Dusty Donley - Guitar Derik Dunson - Guitar, Vocals Jason Rector - Bass Jason Miller - Drums Heather Collins – Vocals

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