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Mission: Believe - Rise Again Warrior Series Book 1

By Stacyeaton @StacySEaton
Mission: Believe - Rise Again Warrior Series Book 1

Releasing November 10th for Veterans Day

Staff Sergeant Shane Logan is lucky to have come from a privileged family, and after losing both of his legs in the war, he now has the best prosthetics that money can buy. While he attempts to move forward with life, he struggles with the past and the way people react to him and his disability.
Doctor Lauren Falcone works tirelessly to help veterans deal with the trauma and pain of their deployments. Her unique approach at therapy keeps her busy. It also works with her own insecurities as she helps these men and women recover mentally.
When Shane meets Lauren at a fundraiser for his father’s organization, he wonders if his deceased brother has sent him an angel. Someone who can look past his flaws, and see the man he is inside.
Shane and Lauren are pulled together by their hope to make life easier for veterans, both physically and emotionally. Their goal is to build Shane’s dream organization, Rise Again Warrior, that will assist veterans to integrate better into society, and have the opportunity to receive state of the art technology and therapy.
Now, if they can only have faith in themselves, learn to deal with their own demons and believe in each other, they might find a way to bring this dream to fruition.
Amazon Barnes & Noble iBooks Kobo   Mission: Believe - Rise Again Warrior Series Book 1     The Second Book in the Rise Again Warrior Series will be released in May 2020 for Memorial Day.
This series will be an intense and emotional journey through the lives of many service members, their families, and their friends. Focusing on the trials that they face after wartime is over, and they have returned home to a nation that sometimes seems to have forgotten what they were fighting for, and what all of these people sacrificed in the name of Honor & Duty.
The first book of the series has been written, with a release date of November 10th to coincide with Veterans Day. The second book is slated to release in May 2020 for Memorial Day.
My hope with this series is to let those servicemen and women know that they are not forgotten but also to help those who don’t understand to do just that: To understand the sacrifices that were made for our Freedom.
It is an honor to write this series, and while I am always proud of the work that I accomplish as a writer, I am humbled by this story and the future of this series.
Mission: Believe - Rise Again Warrior Series Book 1
God Bless our Soldiers, and God Bless America. 
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