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Missing Flappy Bird? Try A Clone Instead

By Christopher De Voss @chrisdevoss

Missing Flappy Bird? Try A Clone InsteadOriginally posted on Long Awkward Pause:


In case you have lived in a universe where no smart phone or internet exists in the last few months, Flappy Bird is  was a game where you guide this cute little pixelated bird through a series of  Mario Bros-esque pipes scoring points for each pipe you past. You move the bird up and down by tapping on it.  The more you tap the bird, the higher it goes as the pipes scroll past in varying lengths.

The Long Awkward Pause Office record is three set by Omawarisan.

The mystery of why Dong Nguyen pulled down his $50,000 dollar a day app is as puzzling as every episode of the TV show Lost. But none-the-less, the app is gone. Don’t worry, much like the evolution of the planet Earth, when one species dies, another rises to take it’s place. So too, does the internet replace…but in million-fold. Within mere seconds…

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