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Missing | 1x02 | The Hard Drive | Review

By Eugeniusgenius @eugenius_genius
Missing | 1x02 | The Hard Drive | Review Missing - a new series from ABC, premiered a week ago with strong ratings in the viewers and so-so in demographics. For the time being we're going to ignore the ratings and simply enjoy this episode.
A foreword before sinking our teeth in second episode. Becca Winstone (Ashley Judd) is a mother, former CIA agent who's son was kidnapped while studying in Italy, now she made her mission to find her son no matter what it takes.

So far Becca is against the entire world, if only she wouldn't have stashed little assets that would give her advantages in order to get her one step ahead of everyone. French intelligence is after her as her son is being hidden in France. 

For Becca was either get help from French head of Intelligence Lussier or get him down having a man named Hard Drive as an asset, named that way due to his amazing memorizing skills, unable to forget anything. At first I thought it was a simply hard drive stashed somewhere but I guess it was way much more giving this series something new, something special, so I guess Missing is getting a blue ribbon for that.
Update: Ratings added.
Lussier gave us chills the second we saw him and presumed that there was no way he would help Becca, not that he would find her son, he did, but he made a smart move and decided to keep him as an insurance. As Becca and Hard Drive break into French Intelligence headquarters only to find the location of her son, later HD leaks how much deep is Lussier into corruption and as the episode ends we have him disappeared or so they made us think. 
As Becca rushes to save her son at an airfield she ask her "friend" Agent Miller from CIA subdivision in Paris to stop the plane from taking off but she only gets a glimpse of her son being shoved in the plane as the scene of screaming at each other gave me chills, for that matter the scene of beautifully made with an extreme emotional charge. I think Missing did a batter job for its second episode, ending with another cliffhanger making us desire for more. Make sure to visit later for the ratings of its second episode and hope that it doesn't drop, but only gains. Also, on an unrelated Missing matter, this is my debut as a reviews writer so cut me some slack and don't judge hard, plus not having english as my native language gives a real disadvantage, something to work on for the time coming. Watch a promo from the next  week episode. Also, what did you think of this episode ?
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Missing saw a significant drop of 20% in demographics down to 1.6 comparing to 2.0 in the previous week, and 18% in Total Viewers, it held up very well in half-hours.
Missing's half-hours:
8.00 - Viewers: 8.71 million (#2), A18-49: 1.6 rating/ 5 share
8.30 - Viewers: 8.69 million (#2), A18-49: 1.6/ 5 share

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