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Missed the Boat

By Travelspot06 @travelspot06
Sometimes I find out about things a little late. I see them and think, "wow that's cool", and I go running to a friend and say, "have you heard about this!!?" and they say, "yeah, that's been around forever".
But I don't care. I am still excited because it's new to me. Here are a few things I have recently found about about and like. You may have heard about them, maybe even months or years ago, but they are new to me!
NextBus: This is an app, or website, where you can see when the bus or train you want is arriving in real time. Often I use Google Maps, as it has transit information, but it only has the "scheduled" time, not the actual time, which can be VERY different! You can even set up auto alerts to warn you when you are about to miss your bus let you know when your bus is on it's way. This site works for several cities in the US and Canada. Maybe yours is on the list!
Missed the Boat
Missed the Boat
Safeway: If you have a Safeway card, you can either go online or download an app where you can add coupons straight to the card. No more clipping coupons; just add it to the card and when you get up front, put in your number or swipe your card and voila! A discount! Don't worry Mom, I already set your card up and loaded all the coupons! You can also make a shopping list, check the weekly ads and email them to  yourself.
(You can also print out coupons from the Target website and the Hyvee website; you can upload them to your card on the P&G website).
PayByPhone: If you live in the city, you know what a pain it is to have to feed the meter all the time. This app lets you park and then pay automatically with your phone. Here is an article with more info.
Nutritional Yeast: Yup, I finally tried it. The price ($30/lb) at my local store was off-putting, until I realized that a whole scoop only weighs practically nothing, so it's not as expensive as I thought. Plus I found it for a good price at the Berkeley Bowl's bulk aisle. I put it on popcorn last night with a little salt. It was delicious!
Couscous Salad: I have made Quinoa salad and pasta salad and bean salad and rice salad, but I never jumped on the couscous bandwagon. Yesterday I had some fresh veggies in the garden, so I used them to make a couscous salad with tomatoes, green beans, mint, basil, lemon, red bell pepper, olive oil, feta cheese and a bit of salt. I ate three servings of it in one go!
Kinvaras: I ran a race last weekend wearing the Kinvara 3 and it was good. My feet were a little sore since it was a trail race and the shoes don't have a lot of support, but other than that, they were great! I may add Saucony to my list of approved running shoes!
Next up: commando running! 
What is new to you that other people may have been using for a while!? What's a cool and useful thing that I should know about?

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