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Misrad Hapnim Sponsoring Trips to Har Habayit... for Arabs

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
The Ministry of the Interior is subsidizing transportation for Muslims from the Galilee area wanting to go to Al Aqsa on Temple Mount. The State-sponsored buses are free of charge for them.
Deri, the Minister of Interior, speaking at a Ramadan break-fast event, spoke about the need for peace between neighbors and living together in peace and with cooperation, and mutual respect.
source: Kikar
1. From a social perspective, and from a democratic society perspective, this is wonderful of the Misrad Hapnim to help them with their religious worship.
2. Are there similar programs for Jews wanting to visit the Kotel or Har Habayit? Are there similar programs for Christians wanting to visit the Church of the Holy Suplchre, or others?
3. I am sure Deri does not want to encourage Jews to visit Har Habayit, as he believes Jews should not be there, but shouldn't he also not encourage Arabs to visit? Arabs can be on Har Habayit, but they also go to areas that the Torah says non-kohanim cannot go. So the same problem Deri has with Jews being up there he should have with Arabs being up there. Being passive about it and not fighting for them to be banned form Har Habayit is one thing. Encouraging them to go by sponsoring free buses is another.
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