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Misleading, Photoshopped Image of the Victim George Zimmerman

Posted on the 12 June 2013 by Mikeb302000

The family of a charming young teenage boy had pictures of their adorable young child circulated by the “news” media after he was brutally shot to death by a ruthless wannabe vigilante.
Then it came out that the teenager was actually a 6-foot-two-inch football player with a history of violence and gang connections who had pounded the block-watch captain’s head into the pavement until he was bleeding and nearly unconscious.
The survivor, on trial for his life, caught a tough break from a circuit-court judge in pre-trial motions the other day.
It turns out that prosecutors seeking to convict George Zimmerman for (the merciless cold-hearted vigilante murder of poor little Trayvon) (defending himself against the brutal life-threatening assault by Trayvon Martin) (you pick), will be able to suppress all evidence showing the attacker’s controversial school records, previous drug use, history of prior fights, ownership of removable gold-tooth caps, or any text messages and photos found on Martin’s cell phone, which defense attorney Mark O’Mara has seen. A delay in the proceedings was also denied. Trial is set for June 10 2013.
If you think the nation’s diligent media turned the Jody Arias thing into a circus, you ain’t seen nothin’.
What do you think about the suppression of that "evidence?"  Is it right for the judge to have ruled so? 
What about the sarcastic bias of the writing by Alan Korwin? Doesn't that and the incredible photo more than make up for the media's protrayal of Trayvon as an innocent youth?
What's your opinion?  Please leave  a comment.

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