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Mishpacha Magazine Put Women on the Latest Cover!

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
People are shocked by the cover photo in the latest edition of Mishpacha magazine..
Here it is:
Mishpacha Magazine put women on the latest cover!
considering Mishpacha policy to not print images of women, this is a shocking breach of policy. I would like them to explain if their spiritual guidance committee of rabbis approved this and if so to lease explain why it is ok to change the policy, or why an exception can be made for these women. A policy of 'no women" means no women. They have always said that even tzanua-dressed women cannot be published, so why are these any different.
Personally I think these might actually be men dressed up as women, so it might be ok because of that. As well, if you look closely the faces have been blurred and pixelated under their burqas, so perhaps that makes it to be considered compliant.
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