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Miracle Road by Emily March

By Gpangel @gpangel1
MIRACLE ROAD BY EMILY MARCHMiracle Road by Emily March is 2013 Random House publication. I received a copy of this book from the publisher and Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review.
Hope is a kindergarten teacher starting over after her daughter, Holly, was kidnapped and she went through a divorce.
Lucca turned his back on his life and refused to ever coach or drive a van or bus again. He doing manual labor and trying not to think about the past.
When Hope and Lucca find they are neighbors the two them slowly form a friendship. Each of them believed they were not able to maintain a relationship with anyone because of thier troubled past.
But, with the help of some good friends and reaching into their own past and experiences they are able to help each other face their demons.
But, Hope also has to deal with an angry and bitter ex-husband who blames her for the kidnapping of their daughter. Even though Hope had allowed herself to open up to Lucca just a little and think that maybe she could start living her life again, a chain of events throws her into a tailspin causing her let her fears, guilt and pain rule over her heart and head. Will Lucca be able to help Hope believe in herself again and in Lucca?
The whole Ramono family is on hand to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving, a Merry Christmas and maybe for Gabi, a very Happy New Year!
I read as many Christmas themed books as I can during the holidays. I'm not in the mood for Christmas romances in the middle of August. But, if you only read one or two Christmas books this year, be sure to make this one of them. This is the best new Christmas romance I've read so far this year.
There are a lot of life lessons in this book about dealing with tragedy and letting go of guilt and giving yourself permission to be happy again. While Hope and Lucca were the focus of the story, the secondary characters, especially Lucca's mom and sister Gabi also had stories out in the forefront. Gabi's story will most likely be the featured in the next book.
Overall this one gets an A+

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