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Mir and Satmar Go Toe to Toe

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
The Mir Yeshiva administration recently forbade any of its students to attend the protest/rally against the new IDF draft law for Haredim that was set to take place after 10 Teves this week.
In response, the Satmar community is calling on their followers to not attend the Mir Yeshiva dinner set to take place in Boro Park next week.
Mir Yishva Didn't Let The Bucherm Attend the Atzeres Remember Don't Attend the Mir Dinner Next week in BP — Breaking Satmar News (@BreakingSatmar) December 22, 2015

This made me wonder - how many Satmar hassidim normally attend the Mir Yeshiva dinnners and fundraising events? Is this a major threat that will make the Mir Yeshiva quake in its boots?
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