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Mint Maltesers Buttons Review

By Kev A @kevvieguy
Mint Maltesers Buttons Review

It seems we have a contender for the crown of Cadbury Orange Twirls aka the Most Elusive Chocolates...Mint Maltesers Buttons! These have proven very hard to find, I luckily managed to find them in WH Smith for a whopping 98p a bag and snapped up a couple, but they have since completely disappeared off shelves. They're supposed to be in Co Op stores too - but I haven't seen any in mine yet.

Mint Maltesers Buttons Review

They're similar to the regular Maltesers Buttons, with crunchy Malteser bits embedded in milk chocolate, but with a minty flavour. The mint is subtle and gentle, it blends nicely with the sweet milk chocolate and malt bits, but to be honest they didn't wow me. I think releasing actual Mint Maltesers in the UK would have been a better choice than these...but baby steps I suppose?

Overall, not a bad new variety from Maltesers but I do wish they'd give us something a bit more exciting. Like White Maltesers! Who's with me?

8 out of 10.

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