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Mink Meet Up!

By Emmielois @emmielois
 MINK MEET UP! MINK MEET UP! MINK MEET UP! MINK MEET UP! MINK MEET UP!  Outfit : Sunglasses- Purple Haze (in York) : Checked shirt - Dior (from vintage shop) : Boiler suit - Asos : Shoes - Asos : Bag - nick nack shop in Whitby.
On Sunday, I was lucky enough to be invited to my very first bloggers meet-up, courtesy of the very lovely Megan, from 'Thumbelina Lillie'.
I had no idea what to expect, but more shockingly, I had no idea what to wear until the day before!
SO, I put this together.
I got the boiler suit for my birthday in March this year, but then we came into some amazing weather (which I am still mourning the loss of) and it would have been verrry uncomfortable to wear it in 28 degree heat!
 So now that autumn has rocked around again, I will be trying to style it in different ways. I have been dying to show you it!
Thought I would wear heels too, 'cos I'm small and I am allowed!
But, I had such a lovely time at  'The Mink Meet up' !
I got to talk to so many lovely ladies about blogging, shoes, clothes we want, style, etc... It was so nice to be in a room full of people who share the same interests as me.
Megan held an amazing raffle, and SHOCK that I was the one who thought a 9 was a 6 and thought I had won an amazing prize. Whoooops! It's such a 'me' thing to do...
MINK MEET UP!MINK MEET UP!It's easily done!
We also got a goodie bag at the end of the event with cool little things inside it!
MINK MEET UP! Including a list of all the bloggers that attended!
(Going to be getting my blogger nerd on and looking up alllllll of them!)
I really enjoyed myself. I was a bit nervous at first naturally, but it honestly took 5 minutes and I was gabbing on like an granny!
Again, big big thanks to Megan, and to anyone who I met at the meet up and now follows my blog. (It's amazing what a bit of networking can do!)
See you soon .
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