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Mini-U Bath Bombs for Kids

By Evette Garside @evette77

My girls love the things I do and always want their own make up and perfume despite being only 3 and 8. They also love bath stuff and anything smelly and bubbly. Jordanna enjoys bath bombs but can be prone to skin reactions and spots from certain products and finding bath bombs just for kids is not easy as not many places make them. But... Mini-U do!

Mini-U bath bombs for kids
They have just launched this rather cute looking package with a transparent window. Inside are 6 coloured bath bombs in 6 fruity varieties - blueberry, melon, kiwi, mango, banana, vanilla & Shea. The packaging is pretty minimal being just the box and the bath bombs individually wrapped in plastic.

Mini-U bath bombs for kids

My girls were really excited about using these. All Mini-U products are safe and free of parabens and SLS/SLES (I'm unsure what they are) and so kinder on the skin.

Jordanna opened the first bath bomb (pink one) and dropped in bath. It immediately started to fizz and turned the water pink.

Mini-U bath bombs for kids
It only turned the water pink too and not skin or anything else. When the bomb had fizzed right down a little plastic thing appeared which at first looked like a tablet pill. This is actually a surprise small gift which are found in each one of the bath bombs. In our first one we found this little foam octopus.

Mini-U bath bombs for kids
I think my girls are now pretty eager to find out what's hidden in the other five.

The bath bomb left no stains on the bath and Jordanna has not developed any rash or reaction to them so far. So all good.

Visit Mini-U for more details of their kids bathing range.

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