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MINI TREND - Octopus So During My Online Browsing and My...

By Lauramoodley

MINI TREND - Octopus

So during my online browsing and my lingering around on pintrest, I have noticed this rather odd infatuation with the Octopus, which seems to be everywhere I look these days.

In everything from art and photography, to fashion, jewelry and tattoos, even in home decoration. This magnificent animal seems to have caught our interest and is inspiring a little bit of a trend. I personally have nothing against this, I just found it an unusual animal to surface in fashion, normally its birds, cats, maybe horses etc, but maybe its time for a change!

The octopus is said to be the master of disguise and a mysterious creature of the deep, so is it that it appeals to our inner wish to disguise ourselves or our fascination with the unknown? Or is it just that thanks to a multitude of videos and images available on the internet, that we just enjoy the elegant beauty of this ethereal beast?

Just some food for thought, and an intriguing insight into our own psychology…

xoxo LLM    

All images taken from; Pintrest > search > Octopus.


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