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Minestrone with Corn and Quinoa and Flavour of Home Video

By Sweetpeasandsaffron

A simple, delicious, and comforting bowl of minestrone!  Packed with vegetables, Italian sausage, corn and quinoa, this version is light enough for spring.

Minestrone with Corn & Quinoa | @sweetpeasaffron #knorr #sponsored

Disclosure: Thank-you Knorr for sponsoring this post, and for inspiring me to share my favorite childhood flavor memory with you!  All opinions are my own.

When you grow up, you will move away from home.  Whether you move across town, or across the country, or even across the world, home never really leaves you…a little bit of it is always with you!  All it takes is a taste of your mom’s cooking to bring a feeling, a memory, a comforting sense of home flooding back to you.

What does this say?  Flavour is not just taste…it is nostalgia…emotion…memory!  Also: the power of a home-cooked meal is so great that it sticks with a person for life.  Pretty incredible if you ask me!

For me, all it takes is a spoonful of my Mom’s minestrone soup, and I am magically transported back to the kitchen in my childhood home, sitting at our white kitchen table for lunch.  It is probably snowing outside, and we have most likely been out building snow forts, or maybe cross-country skiing.  There may have been a tag-along friend or two.  No matter how cold it was outside, after one spoonful of Mom’s minestrone, and we were warmed right up!  It is a safe, happy, warm and delicious memory!


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