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Minecraft Xbox One, PS4, and PS Vita out This August

By Boxmash
Minecraft Xbox One edition

Great news everyone: next-gen Minecraft on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 will be released this August! Not only that, but Mojang have revealed that if you already play Minecraft on Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3, you’ll be able to upgrade to the next-gen version for a small price instead of paying the full price for the game again.

Minecraft Xbox One edition will be available for download from the Xbox Store in August, and Minecraft PS4 edition will be available to download from PSN in August too. Both games have better draw distances and bigger worlds than their last-gen versions. Both will cost $19.99, but if you already own the last-gen version you upgrade to Xbox One or PS4 edition for $4.99. When you upgrade, you’ll be able to transfer your saves to your new console, meaning you can carry on building your world. You won’t be able to transfer a next-gen world back to last-gen though, the new worlds are just too big!

You can take advantage of the upgrade offer for at least a year after the game releases, so if you’re not getting a new console until Christmas, don’t worry about missing out!

What’s more, most of your DLC packs like skins and textures should work in the next-gen versions, too. A few won’t be able to make the jump to Xbox One or PS4, but most of your favourites will.

Getting crafty with Minecraft on PS Vita

Getting crafty with Minecraft on PS Vita

And for PlayStation players, even more news: PS Vita edition of Minecraft will be released in August, too. And even better news: if you already own Minecraft on PS3, you can download Minecraft PS Vita edition for free! And it works the other way around too; if you buy Minecraft for PS Vita, you can also download it on your PS3. Amazing!

It looks like August is going to be the best month to be a Minecraft player. To keep up to date with all the best Minecraft news, keep your eyes locked on our Minecraft channel.

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