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Minecraft Update 1.8.8 Released for Xbox One, PS3, PS4 and Xbox 360

Posted on the 21 December 2015 by Dailyfusion @dailyfusion
Minecraft Update 1.8.8 Released for Xbox One, PS3, PS4 and Xbox 360

Mojang has released the Minecraft Update 1.8.8 and all the owners of Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 can already download the update to their consoles. However, if you own a PS Vita then you should wait a few more days until the update will finally arrive to your console. Unfortunately, The Minecraft: Wii U Edition will probably receive this update sometime next year.

The new update comes with new modes, items mobs, biomes and blocks. There are several new kinds of plant life such as Peony, Double Tall Grass, Large Ferns, SunFlowers, Tulips and Blue Orchid. At the same time, there are new food recipes such as cooked rabbit, salmon, putterfish or mutton. Some new potions have been added such as Potions of Water Breathing or Potion of Leaping.

At the same time, there are new mobs that are joining the world such as Rabbit, Chicken Jockey, Elder Guardian, Guardian or Endermite. The Minecraft players will be able to check new areas such as Mega Taiga, Mesa, Deep Ocean, Savana, Extreme Hills and more.

There are a few new blocks that this new update comes with such as: diorite, prismarine, red sand, red sandstone, wet sponge, coarse dirt, packed ice, dark oak saplings and more. All these new features are available for the four consoles we've mentioned above, so we suggest you to update your Minecraft to 1.8.8 right away and test them out.

However, we have some bad news for the Minecraft players, as a hacker group that goes by the name of SkidNP has announced that it will bring down the Minecraft servers. This will most likely happen during the Christmas season, when a lot of people have some free time and will most likely want to play Minecraft or other games. The same hacker group claimed that they will also take the Steam servers down.

The main reason that the hacker group SkipNP is doing this is because they want to prove to big gaming companies that the security of the gaming servers is very weak. With other words, the big companies that host gaming servers should start investing more money and protect these servers better.

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